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L'équipe Cosmique Immobilier

Fabienne GARROD

Fabienne GARROD, agency director and co-founder:
Fabienne was born and raised in Lyon and has been skiing in the Alps
since she was a child. She began her real estate career in property development
as a specialist in off-plan properties involved in project supervision.
She speaks fluent English, has been living in Chamonix for over 20 years
and has extensive knowledge of the local real estate market.


Neil GARROD, sales agent and co-founder:
Of British nationality, Neil has been a resident of the valley for 25 years.
Bilingual with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the
French administrative system, he directed his own French consultancy
firm working with multi-national companies in the field of
micro-electronics before switching to real estate.

They are both keen on sport and adventure activities such as skiing, mountaineering<br/> and paragliding and are always ready and happy to rise to a challenge.