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Low-energy building-Energy efficiency label 

Low-energy building-Energy efficiency label 

Low-energy building-Energy efficiency label 

This «low-energy building» label fixes primary energy consumption in a new construction at or under 50 KW/m2/year and at or under 80 KW/m2/year in a renovated property (with variations depending on the climatic zone and the altitude). This label imposes an air-tightness test and should be compulsory for all new dwellings from the end of 2012 onwards.

Building energy performance diagnostics

The Building Energy Performance diagnostic is compulsory for the sale or rental of any dwelling, providing an estimate of energy consumption and of greenhouse gas emission as well as useful information for targeting efficient improvement works.

HPE 2005:
High Energy Performance 2005

The High Energy Performance label is awarded to newly built dwellings whose energy consumption is at least 10% lower than that required under the 2005 thermal regulations for buildings.

HPE EnR 2005:
High Energy Performance Renewable Energy 2005

The « High Energy Performance – Renewable energy » label is awarded to buildings complying with the demands of the High Energy Performance label and where at least 50% of the building’s heating is provided by a biomass installation or is derived from a heating system using at least 60% renewable energy.

High Environmental Quality

The «High Environmental Quality» mark enables professionals to integrate environmental protection as early as the building design stage, with steps outlined to achieve 14 targets in the 4 domains of eco-construction, eco-management, comfort and health. This involves the voluntary application of HEQ measures resulting in the awarding of a certificate of French Standards for detached houses by Céquami, an approved body delivering quality certification for detached houses.

RT 2005:

RT 2005 thermal regulations establish minimum energy performance requirements for buildings, defined as kwhim2 primary energy year/year. RT 2005 establishes the 3 label levels (Low energy building, High Energy Performance, Very High Energy Performance) delivered by Qualitel, Cerquat, Céquami, CertiVéa and Promotelec. RT 2005 will be replaced by RT 2012 regulations, which are more demanding in terms of energy consumption.

Very High Energy Performance 2005

The Very High Energy Performance label is awarded for energy consumption at least 20% lower than the requirements under RT 2005 thermal regulations.

THPE EnR 2005:
Very High Energy Performance Renewable Energy 2005

The Very High Energy Performance – Renewable Energies label will be awarded only where there is a 30% increase in performance with regard to the RT 2005 regulations. The building must also use at least 80% renewable energy (biomass, heat pump, solar thermal and solar photovoltaic energy).